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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

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Escape from the crowd...

A definite wow factor...

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A blend of antique and modern comfort, spacious, each with gorgeous views over our grounds.

Our interior design rooms start with walls and floors adorned with dramatic stone or rich wood accents. Even just one accent wall covered in cultured stone can set the right tone. A prominent stone fireplace and hearth can go a long way to establishing that castle vibe.

Wood paneling with carved detailing and exposed wooden ceiling beams will also create a feeling straight from the Middle Ages. We use plush and deep toned rugs to soften stone or wooden floors in this type of antique style.

9 ensuite bedrooms inside the chateau itself complimented by four courtyard well equipped gîtes. 


We have capacity for 40 guests on site. 

Our photos say it all! 

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