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Welcome to our beautiful vineyard Château! That welcome no longer only extends to our Wedding guests, but to our Corporate and Rental visitors now as well. We have experienced much change in a short period of time, our stone walls are witness to the improvements and renovation taking place and, as the vines slumber, the beauty of our environment remains unchanged preparing for the new season to begin. 


Our working vineyard is so much part of our identity, and we want all of our guests to benefit not only from the beauty of our vines but also from the fruits of the labour involved. This year, we are happy to introduce to you our two new wines: “Un je ne sais quoi” and “Rendez-vous”. So let’s Rendezvous at our Château now, and discover how taste and experience blend.




Everyone in our area of Bordeaux knows the name Eleanor of Aquitaine. She is quite simply famous and it all started with a marriage to a king of France, divorce and marriage to a King of England. Queen Eleanor is considered to be one of the first exporter of Bordeaux wine to England, and our Château has its own special link to her in the form of a beautiful stone wall, the remains of a long ago monastery. It was Eleanor who endorsed this monastery to settle on our site, in a charter published in 1147 still accessible, and this area is now all that remains of that time. Today, it looks on as our couples often choose these very old stones as the backdrop for their wedding ceremony. We have watched many such ceremonies, where joy in the present and hope for the future are played out in this sacred spot. Timeless, enduring and of course romantic. 


Let’s move on to the year 2000, when our Irish owner Dr Terence Cross bought this Renaissance Château and renovated it extensively, careful to honour and respect the sense of history while ensuring that modernity and comfort have equal value. He replanted the vineyard that had been abandoned for decades, and with him he brought an Irish influence that is felt within the Château today, and the popularity of our Irish Bar is certainly proof of that. He also has made sure to continue the tradition of exporting the wines produced on our very own land. 


As you walk about the Château and it grounds, there is an atmosphere of “un je ne sais quoi”, where past and present mingle peacefully, at ease with one another and ready to welcome you.

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