Wedding Cakes

A traditional American, English and I suppose Irish Wedding Cake are beautifully decorated and usually a work of art, but quite often, not the nicest cake you would imagine ;-(

The French, they do it quite differently. The wedding cake is THE dessert and is showcased as such. The “Croque en bouche”  would be the traditional way to go. A beautiful tower or mouthwatering choux filled with flavoured “creme patissiere”, mmmmmhhhhh!!!


The new trend is also another kind of “Piece Montee”, this one made of macaroons – these delicious and delicate soft meringues filled with a flavoured cream. These can be done to the colour or theme of the wedding and are just beautiful to the eye, but also to the stomach!


At Chateau de La Ligne, we can provide you with any type of Wedding Cake you desire, be it the traditional way for your culture or the “French” way. Of course, we will always french it up a bit and for example have a beautifully decorated wedding cake but why not fill it with a Foret Noire or a Framboisier instead of the usual fruit cake. Our patissier will work with you to create the perfect combination for you. Your guests will be surprised, amazed and will talk about your wedding cake for years to come!

Wedding Cake

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