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Discover our range of fine wines from Bordeaux

The stately Renaissance château is surrounded by this picturesque vineyard which is discerningly planted with the traditional red grape varieties of Bordeaux Merlot (60%).

View of the vinyard
Chateau De La Ligne Cuvee Prestige bottle

Château de La Ligne Cuvee Prestige

This high density planting creates beneficial competition between the vines so that the root system goes deep in the soil to find nourishment and protection from adverse climatic conditions. High trellising ensures ideal leaf coverage and the necessary photosynthesis which will create the complex range of natural components including sugar for alcohol, polysaccharides for aromas and texture, anthocyanes for tannins and colour.

Marquis De La Ligne Bordeaux Blanc bottle

Marquis de La Ligne Bordeaux Blanc

This is a classic regional blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon grapes. The predominance of Sauvignon Blanc gives a vibrant citrus flavour, while the Semillon gives body and richness.

Marquis De La Ligne Cremant de Bordeaux bottle

Marquis de La Ligne Cremant de Bordeaux

Crémant de Bordeaux is the region’s premium sparkling wine. The wine is made with a blend of Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon and Muscatel grapes. The style is fresh and fragrant with a rounded palate reminiscent of fresh pear and apple.

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