5 reasons why you should get married at Chateau de La Ligne

Your wedding day is the BEST day of your life so it is just right to get married in the perfect venue.

Chateau de La Ligne IS the perfect venue – If you don’t believe me, here are 5 reasons why Chateau de La Ligne should be your venue of choice:

1. A romantic setting

Not only is the stone building stylish and full of history, it has been refurbished to allow all comfort of the current times in the setting of another century. You will feel like the princess marrying her prince charming. With the grand stone staircase, the beautiful baths, the magnificent dining room – you will be a pampered king and queen!


2. Great Food

France is of course known for the gastronomy and your wedding wont be an exception. You will be served the most delicate and well decorated specialities of France and in particular of the Bordeaux area. A great way to treat your guests to something different.

Croustillant de volaille et son coulis de poivron rouge

3. Great Wine

Of course, another one of France’s strength and Bordeaux especially is Wine. Whether you are a red, white or rose wine drinker, there is plenty to please all palates and tastes. And don’t forget the beautiful Cremant de Bordeaux – the perfect toasting wine, at a fraction price of Champagne.


4. Easy Access

With  all year round direct flights from London, Bristol, Southampton, Exeter, Jersey, Cork, Dublin, Edinburgh, Glasgow… Bordeaux is an easy destination from UK and Ireland. Chateau de La Ligne is then situated only 20 minutes from the airport.

5. Exclusive Rental

At Chateau de La Ligne, you will be the only bride and groom on site. You will not be sharing your special day with another couple. It is all about you and only you!

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