Château History

A quick history of Château de La Ligne

While we can suppose that wine was produced on the lands surrounding the monastery at Château de la Ligne for quite some time before, the earliest written records of wine production at Château de La Ligne date from 1874 when the estate of 200 hectares produced 175 “tonneaux” (158,000 litres) of wine.

View of the vinyard

Restored to its former glory with Passion, Love and Reverence

The winemaking tradition has been associated with Lignan and the adjacent villages for centuries. Usually linked with the Roman legions, the production of wine is also closely connected to religious orders. Records of wine production can be traced back to the Middle Ages and the Benedictine monks at the nearby Abbey of La Sauve Majeure. The last production of Château de La Ligne was in 1956 when, following a historically severe winter in Bordeaux, the dead vines were uprooted and the vineyard transformed into meadow.

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Saint-Emelion, a Medieval Village

Saint-Emilion is a charming medieval village located in the heart of the famous Bordeaux wine area.

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Saint Michel Belltower

Saint Michel basilica has the second tallest belltower in France (114 metres).

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Saint-Emilion's Village

Dating back more than two thousand years, Saint-Emilion boasts a remarkable example of a historical vineyard.

The estate was purchased by Belfast Businessman, Mr Terry Cross, on Saint Patrick’s Day 2000. An erstwhile or latter-day “oie sauvage”, Mr Cross has re-planted an 11 hectare vineyard in the best traditions of Bordeaux with the unique ambition to re-establish Château de La Ligne as a gem of the Bordeaux appellation.

Mr Terry Cross has employed the expertise of viticultural and agronomical advisors to revive the vineyard of Château de La Ligne in order to produce a wine of optimum quality. Today, Mr Gilles Pauquet and Mr Stephan Toutoundji, consultant winemakers to Château Cheval Blanc (le Grand Cru Classe in Saint-Emilion) are the consultant oenologists to Château de la Ligne and are developing the necessary modern winemaking facilities.

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