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A guide to Bordeaux and travel to our location

Rated as the best tourist destination in Europe in 2015, Boreaux is renowned for both it’s climate and it’s many attractions. Discover what makes the city and it's surroundings so special.

You'll be raising your glass many times in Bordeaux, but it's about more than just wine

You'll be raising your glass many times in Bordeaux, which is renowned for its wines, considered amongst the best in the world. As the capital of the department Gironde in the region Aquitaine, it has one million inhabitants in its metropolitan area at a 2008 estimate.. A lively university community of over 60,000, (Bordeaux Campus is the largest in France) establishes that Bordeaux is about more than just wine.

Bordeaux is a flat city, built on the banks of the Garonne River. It is also the largest French city by area and geographically one of the largest in Europe. Due to the weakness of the subsoil, there are no skyscrapers in Bordeaux, which explains its sprawl. The centre of the town has retained its traditional stone mansions and smart terraces, hence the reason behind the city being called "Little Paris".

Bordeaux Famous For Wine

Bordeaux Fête le Vin

Bordeaux Town

Place de la Comédie

Bordeaux Streets

Terrasses de restaurants

Enjoy the city sights by the numerous alternative transport modes

Bordeaux is quite a big city; however most of the interesting attractions are in the town centre. We don’t recommended that visitors drive too much in the city centre, as there are often traffic jams in the narrow, old streets of the city. There is ample parking however, so if you must drive, then we recommend that you park up and enjoy the rest of the city sights by the numerous alternative transport modes.

The most interesting way to explore the city is by walking. As most of the town centre is a 'pedestrian area', this is easy to do. You can also rent a bike or you can make your way in town using the various bus lines. If you don’t fancy too much walking then by far the most efficient means of getting around is the tramway. There are 3 lines (A, B, and C), tickets cost 1.40€ and covers unlimited journeys.

Bordeaux Transport

Le lion Veilhan

Bordeaux Transport Options

Ambiance estivale

Bordeaux Town Centre

Terrasse place du Palais

You will be spoilt for choice in Bordeaux for things to see and do

Miroir d'eau Bordeaux

Miroir d'eau

Spend some time at the miroir d'eau (water mirror) at the border of the river. This a very popular outdoor space for children, with a long water feature, filled with only 2cm of water. Perfect for children to splash around.

Les Quais Bordeaux

Les Quais

Have a drink and a dance at one of the many bars or clubs in Les Quais. After years of neglect, the former wet docks are the city’s newest hot spot, with a number of cafés, restaurants, bars and clubs.

Place de Quinconces Bordeaux

Place de Quinconces

Be sure to check out the fountain monument to the Girondins, a group of moderate, bourgeois National Assembly deputies during the French Revolution.

Musee D'Art Contemporain Bordeaux

Musee D'Art Contemporain

7, rue Ferrère. Definitely worth a visit if you are interested in Modern Art. The Richard Long slate line-up on the roof is a permanent feature. Exhibits are always changing and the museum is an inspiring place for installations.

Musee D'Aquitaine Bordeaux

The Connemara

Come and enjoy the cosy ambiance and the different atmospheres of the Connemara Irish Pub.

The Jardin Public Bordeaux

The Jardin Public

The Jardin Public has been dear to the hearts of the Bordelais since its creation in 1746. A veritable ‘green oasis’ in the city centre, the 11 hectares of grass, trees, flowers, and plants also include a children's playground and the famous Guignol Guérin puppet show.

There's LOTS to do in the surrounding areas

Local Farm Bordeaux
Visitor Tour outside Bordeaux
Local tasting Bordeaux

The village of Lignan is so charming and relaxing that you can enjoy a slow-paced vacation. It is the perfect setting for a tranquil rural retreat.

Saint-Emilion is a charming medieval village located in the heart of the famous Bordeaux wine area. Now a World Heritage Site, it is a beautiful town with it’s narrow laneways and cobbled streets, flanked on either side by the world renowned vineyards and wineries of the St. Emilion appellation. Fine wine, beautiful architecture and great monuments make for a perfect day out. Only 30 mins drive from the chateau.

Archachon Bay is a fascinating world with multiple landscapes: oyster ports, sandy beaches, pine forests, a famous peninsula, the 56 km² Lac de Cazaux, the 2nd largest lake in France, and the highest natural sand dune in Europe. It boasts a total of 76 kilometres of beaches and 220km of cycle paths, accross 10 different towns and villages. Only 1 hour drive from the château.